Terms & Conditions

1) Definitions


'I','me' and 'my'
Refers jointly and severally to the person or persons who are the customers.

'This Agreement'
Means the Rental Agreement, the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement and these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and any other literature provided by Maze Motorhomes, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions take precedence.

'Maze Motorhomes'
Means Maze Motorhomes which is a brand of Maze MH Ltd, 6 Maze Road, Hilton, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 9ND.

Means the person or persons nominated as the hirer under the heading 'Hirers Name / Contact' on the Rental Agreement, any person whose credit or debit card is presented in payment of the customer's charges, or any person who deems themselves to be the legal entity and ultimately responsible for the motorhome. Should the legal entity be different from the driver, then full name, address and contact phone numbers must be supplied.

'Rental Period'
Means the duration of hire as stated on the Rental Agreement or any agreed variation thereof and any additional period during which the vehicle is in the customer's possession or control.

Means the vehicle as stated on the Rental Agreement and includes tyres, tools, accessories, the living equipment and any other special equipment, documents related to the Vehicle and any replacement or substitute Vehicle which may be provided at the discretion of Maze Motorhomes.

'Living Equipment'
Includes but is not limited to, TV, DVD player and aerial, Oven, Radio/CD player, crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils.

'Security Deposit'
Means the amount held as security by Maze Motorhomes in relation to this hire.

'Overhead damage'
Is deemed as any damage sustained to any part of the vehicle, its equipment and or any third party property which occurs above 6 feet (1.83 metres) in height measured from the ground upwards.


Means the depot where the motorhome will be collected and returned to. The depot is located at: Self Store Huntingdon Ltd, Bleakley Farm, London Road, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 2LH. Depot is by prior appointment only.

1) Contract
By accepting to hire a Motorhome from Maze Motorhomes you are accepting these terms and conditions. Please read this carefully. If you have any questions please ask Maze Motorhomes for clarification.

The vehicle and its contents remain the property of Maze Motorhomes at all times.

2) Booking
Bookings can be made by via our website or by telephone. A deposit of 50% of the hire charges will be payable at the time of booking. Prices will be either quoted to you over the phone or via our website.

3) Minimum Hire
Maze Motorhomes operates a minimum hire duration which varies across seasons and is between 3 and 5 nights unless previously agreed at the time of booking.

4) Hire Rates Include
1. UK VAT (20%)
2. Fully comprehensive Insurance
3. Unlimited UK Mileage
4. UK Mechanical Breakdown Cover* is provided by National Breakdown and can be contacted on 01274 288 488 and quote Maze MH Ltd.
5. Gas provided with vehicle.**
6. Satellite Navigation
7. Bike rack for up to 4x bikes
8. Camping & Caravanning Club Privilege Scheme membership.
9. Use of the motorhome for up to 6 passengers.

*Any breakdown callouts which are the fault of the hirer through Operator error (flat battery, wrong fuel, ran out of fuel, keys locked in vehicle, operation of living equipment) will be deducted from the security deposit. In the event of problems with living equipment please contact Maze Motorhomes directly.
** If you use more gas than we have provided then any additional gas that you need to purchase will not be covered by Maze Motorhomes.

5) Prices and payments
A reservation is only binding after it has been confirmed by Maze Motorhomes and a deposit of 50% of the hire charges has been received. The balance 50% will be due on request from Maze Motorhomes and this will normally be 4-8 weeks in advance of the booking. Maze Motorhomes reserves the right to cancel the booking if the balance payment is not received within 4 weeks of the booking start date.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions I agree to pay Maze Motorhomes:
1. All rental charges as detailed on the invoice for the booking.
2. The Security Deposit advised at the time of booking.
3. Any additional charges incurred during the use of the vehicle including but not limited to parking and traffic infringement penalties, road tolls, congestion charges, speeding fines, excess mileage charges, breakdown charges as a result of operator error and any administration charges or penalties associated with these additional charges.

  1. A administration fee of £25 per parking or traffic infringement.
    5. A Cleaning fee of £100 if the motorhome is not returned in a clean condition as you found it.
  2. A valeting charge of £250 if there is any evidence that smoking has taken place in the motorhome.
    7. A toilet cleaning charge of £100 if the toilet cassette is not emptied. Please note there are no toilet emptying facilities at the Maze Motorhome depot so this will have to be done prior to your return.
    8. The cost of diesel required to return to full plus a 25% handling charge of the cost of the diesel for us to return to full.
  3. A late return fee of £100 per hour past the agreed return time.

    6) Security Deposit
    The Security Deposit is refundable on safe return of the motorhome in line with these Terms & Conditions and is payable by credit, debit or BACS only. The card should be in the Lead Drivers name. This must be paid prior to the release of the motorhome to the hirer.

    1. I irrevocably authorise Maze Motorhomes to deduct from the Security Deposit any amounts due by me to Maze Motorhomes arising out of this agreement.
    2. The security deposit will be refunded within 7-10 working days following the return of the vehicle to the specified time and place, with the vehicle being in the same condition as it was provided at the collection of the vehicle.
    3. The security deposit covers the insurance excess in the event of an accident. In the event of any damage the security deposit will be retained. Any damage not covered by the insurance policy, or the loss of any equipment will be deducted from this deposit and the balance returned to you up to 7-10 days following the return of the vehicle to the specified time and place. Should any damages exceed the security deposit, and in the event that the insurance does not cover it, the hirer will be required to settle all additional costs over and above the value of the security deposit within 7 working days of being notified by Maze Motorhomes.

    7) Cancellations
    If you want to cancel then the following charges/options apply. 
  • More than 8 weeks before the start of your booking - we will offer you alternative dates (subject to availability) or a refund.
  • Between 8 weeks and 4 weeks before the start of your booking - 50% of the booking deposit will be retained.
  • Less than 4 weeks - full cost of hire will be retained.


We will allow you to change dates 3 times. If you need to change dates more than 3 times then the 50% booking deposit will be retained.

All cancellations are subject to a £25 admin fee.

8) Motorhome Collection
The Motorhome will be available to collect from the depot at the agreed time of 2pm on the collection date indicated in your booking unless otherwise agreed in advance. Please allow 1 hour for the collection and to enable us to give you a walkaround and handover of the motorhome.

All drivers must be present at the time of collection and must bring:
1. Drivers License
2. Valid DVLA check code
3. 1x Utility Bill showing your name & address dated within 90 days and matching address on driving license. (Gas, electric, water, broadband or landline telephone can be used).
4. 1x other form of proof of address (address must match address on driving license and be dated within 90 days of hire start date) from the following: Another utility bill, Council Tax Bill/Statement, TV/internet/phone line bill, bank or credit card statement, Credit card bill or mortgage statement.

We will provide the motorhome to you in a safe, clean and serviceable condition. It will have a full tank of diesel and will have at least one full bottle of gas. We will provide a walk around with you to instruct you on how the motorhome works and what you need to be aware of when driving and operating.

9) Motorhome Return
The Motorhome needs to be returned to the depot by 11am on the return date indicated in your booking unless otherwise agreed in advance. Please allow 1 hour for the return. The vehicle must be returned undamaged, with a full tank of diesel, empty waste water and empty toilet cassette, interior clean and in the same condition as it was on collection.

If not then Maze Motorhomes reserves the right to deduct the following charges from your Security Deposit.


  1. A Cleaning fee of £100 if the motorhome is not returned in a clean condition as you found it.
  2. A valeting charge of £250 if there is any evidence that smoking has taken place in the motorhome.
    3. A toilet cleaning charge of £100 if the toilet cassette is not emptied. Please note there are no toilet emptying facilities at the Maze Motorhome depot so this will have to be done prior to your return.
    4. The cost of diesel required to return to full plus a 25% handling charge of the cost of the diesel for us to return to full.

    10) Your Responsibilities
    I agree that during the rental period I will not and will not allow the vehicle to be:
    1. Driven by any driver other than those listed as named drivers in this agreement.
    2. Driven in any manner other than cautious, prudent and normal.
    3. Driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs or with a blood alcohol level in excess of that permitted by the law.
    4. Driven in a prohibited area or in an area outside of areas indicated to me by Maze Motorhomes.
    5. Used in a manner which could cause damage.
    6. Damaged by immersion in water, or come into contact with salt water.
    7. Not to smoke in the vehicle.
    8. Not to carry animals in the vehicle unless by prior agreement in writing.
    9. Left open while the vehicle is unattended.
    10. Left with the ignition key in the vehicle while the vehicle is unattended.
    11. Left with the TV out of its storage position while the vehicle is unattended.
    12. Used for any illegal purpose.
    13. Used to tow any vehicle or trailer.
    14. Used to carry passengers or property for hire and reward.
    15. Used to carry more that 6 people and during travelling ensure that all will be seated with seat belts fastened.
    16. Used to carry any volatile liquids, gases, explosives or any other inflammable material.
    17. Altered in any way without the consent of Maze Motorhomes.

    11) Personal belongings
    Ensure that personal belongings are kept secure. Maze Motorhomes will not be held liable for any loss or damage of personal items and these are not covered under our insurance. Maze Motorhomes recommends that you take out Personal Belonging Insurance for the duration of your hire.
    12) Drivers
    Up to 2 named drivers are allowed. No other people are allowed to drive the vehicle. Drivers must be:
    1. Between 25 and 75 years old.
    2. Held a UK category B full driving license for 2 years.
    3. The license must be clear of endorsements with the exception of up to 6 points for speeding or use of mobile phone. If any of the drivers have any other endorsements then please contact us so we can speak with our insurers and see whether we may able to allow the driver with a possible additional premium.
    4. Driving license and DVLA check code must be produced at time of collection. A copy will be taken.
    5. Two household utility bills confirming your name and address dated with 90 days of hire start date.
    6. Visitors from the EU and Switzerland will allow your domestic license to be used but please inform us at the time of your booking.
    7. Driving by unnamed drivers is strictly prohibited and voids the insurance therefore the driver is committing an offence and will be solely responsible for any damages or injuries.

    13) Motorhome Systems
    Maze Motorhomes will carry out a thorough Pre Rental Inspection prior to handing over the motorhome to you. The PRI includes an operation check of all of the systems onboard the motorhome. During the handover we will also show you how the systems work and will provide instructions in the motorhome for the things you need to know. Should one of the onboard systems fail during your hire we have some options.
    1. Speak with Maze Motorhomes as we may be able to assist over the phone.
    2. Depending on where you are we may be able to send out one of our Engineers to assist.

    In the unlikely event that we are not able to resolve the issue then we may advise that a particular system cannot be used. Should a loss of service occur we will not provide a monetary refund for this loss, nor have any obligation to provide a replacement vehicle.

    14) Availability & Event's beyond the Operator's control
    In the event of a prior hirer causing damage to the vehicle that means we will not be able to provide you with your chosen motorhome we will endeavour to supply you with a replacement vehicle of similar specification. In the event that we are unable to supply a replacement vehicle we will offer you with as much notice as possible to offer alternative dates (subject to availability) or a full refund.

Maze Motorhomes’ liability only extends to the hire charges and not to any costs incurred by you for campsites or holiday arrangements.

15) Pickup Service
By prior arrangement Maze Motorhomes are able to collect and return you to the following destinations free of charge.
- Cambridge Train Station
- Cambridge North Train Station
- Huntingdon Train Station
- St Neots Train Station

We also offer paid collections/dropoffs from:
- London Stansted Airport £75 each way
- London Luton Airport £75 each way

Maze Motorhomes will not be held responsible for any ongoing travel arrangements or if any delays cause the customer to need to change their own arrangements. These costs are for the customers account.

16) Driving outside of the United Kingdom
It is not permitted to drive the motorhome outside of the United Kingdom unless express written permission was given at the time of booking.

17) Title to vehicle
I acknowledge that Maze Motorhomes retains the title to the motorhome and its contents and I possess the goods as a mere bailee only. I do not have any right to pledge Maze Motorhomes credit in connection with the motorhome and agree not to do so. I shall not attempt to offer or purport to sell, assign, sublet, lend, pledge, mortgage, let on hire or otherwise part with or attempt to part with the personal possession of, or otherwise deal with the vehicle.

18) Motorhome Damage Insurance Cover
I acknowledge that:
1. The motorhome is insured for damage to the motorhome and the property of a third party but this does not include any cover for personal possessions or for the customer.
2. The insurance does not cover any overhead damage and that I will be liable for these costs.
3. The insurance only covers 75% of any damage caused by fire or theft and I will be liable for these costs if I was negligible in looking after the motorhome.
4. I further agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Insurance, which I have seen and read or have had the opportunity to see and read.

19) Responsibility when an accident occurs
In the event of an accident, loss or damage arising out of the use of the motorhome I will:
1. Notify Maze Motorhomes as soon as possible but at the latest within 24 hours of the accident.
2. Obtain the names, address and telephone numbers of the third parties and any witnesses and report the event to the police.
3. Obtain photographs of the damage to all vehicles and/or property.
4. Complete the accident form provided in the motorhome.
Not make any admission of liability, settlement offer or other like offer to anyone.
5. Assist Maze Motorhomes in handling any claim arising from the accident, including providing all relevant information and attending court if required.

I understand that no security deposit will be refunded until the claim is settled.

20) Maintenance
I will:
1. Check the oil, coolant and tyre pressures daily during the hire period and top up as required.
2. Be liable for all costs related to me putting the wrong fuel in the motorhome or putting fuel in the water tank.

Maze Motorhomes will reimburse you for expenditure for maintenance items provided that you first confirm with Maze Motorhomes prior to purchase provided that you can produce the relevant receipt and that the damage is not as a result of my fault or break of this agreement.

21) Release and Indemnity of Maze Motorhomes
Subject to its obligation to delivery the motorhome as per the terms of this agreement, I release Maze Motorhomes, and its employees or agents from any liability to me (regardless of who is at fault) for any loss or damage incurred by me be reason of this agreement, including but not limited to:
1. Any loss or damage caused by breakdown, mechanical defect, accident of the vehicle being unsuitable for my purpose.
2. Any loss or damage to property left in or on the motorhome, in Maze Motorhomes depot or recovered or handled by Maze Motorhomes.
Subject to any insurance arrangements agreed with Maze Motorhomes, I hereby indemnify and shall keep indemnified Maze Motorhomes, its employees and agents against any claims, demands or expenses (including legal costs) incurred or sustained by them or any of them by reason of my use and/or possession of the motorhome.

22) Proper Law
This agreement shall be governed by the law of Great Britain in which this agreement was signed.

23) General Data Protection Regulation
You provide Maze Motorhomes and Stripe with the following personal data when you make a booking with us:

Name & Address

Driving License Details

Proof of address documents

Payment Details

Anonymous cookies from our website

Tracking data from the onboard vehicle tracker


This information is held electronically on our website server, by our payment provider Stripe, and on paper. All data is held on secure servers or locked in a filing cabinet in our office.


The information that you have provided to Maze Motorhomes will be used to fulfil this contract placed with us. We may contact you from time to time to let you know of any special offers which we think might be of interest to you. Your information will be made available to our insurers in the event of an accident, and to the relevant company in the event of a parking and traffic infringement penalties, road tolls, congestion charges and/or speeding fines. Your details will only be released in the event of one of the above occuring.


We will not pass this information onto any other organisation outside this company.

If at any time you wish for the records of what we keep about you to be provided to you, or to opt out of any marketing emails or for us to destroy any data that is held of you please send an email to privacy@mazemotorhomes.co.uk outlining your request.

24) Entire Agreement
This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and there are no oral undertakings, warranties or agreements between the parties relating to this agreement.


25) Motorhome Acceptance
1. I acknowledge that I have received the motorhome in a clean condition and in sound working order in accordance with the Motorhome handover checklist.
2. I acknowledge that the motorhome has a full tank of diesel and two gas bottles.
3. I acknowledge that Maze Motorhomes will not return any hire monies as a result of my choosing to return the motorhome early, or if I cease to have use of the motorhome prior to the return date for any reason such as accident, weather, theft or damage.
4. I acknowledge that Maze Motorhomes reserves the right to withhold some or all of the security deposit in the event of damage to the motorhome or that I have not complied with return terms as detailed in this agreement.


By signing you agree that you have read and accepted the above terms and conditions and that these form a legally binding contract between yourself and Maze Motorhomes.