What to expect when renting a motorhome

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It starts with a wave!!

Never been in a motorhome before? Want to have an idea of what to expect?
First imagine you are staying in a holiday home. Everything you need to be comfortable and relax away from home but a bit different and exciting because it's somewhere new...It's an adventure to see how things work and to see where you can sit down and relax.
Second, imagine a road trip. Now who doesn't like a road trip?! You decide where to go as you drive. You want to stop and enjoy the view? Want to stop for a walk? You can. Drive through new places and find new views? You can. Road trips have downsides though...stopping for the toilet, or to get a cup of tea can be a bit of pain. . . . Not now!
Going on a motorhome holiday is the best of both! Lots of flexibility to go where you want and do what you want. 
As you pick up your motorhome and get the guided tour it feels a little like a new adventure. When you startup and get ready to drive off there is a moment of panic as you realise that it is a big vehicle and you've not driven anything like this before...and you don't want to look stupid while you are still in the depot...but then you start driving and realise actually it is rather like driving a big car and there wasn't that much to worry about after all!
And then it happens. A stranger in another motorhome waves at you, followed by another, and then another. You think 'oh they must have you confused with someone else', but then another waves and you start returning the waves right back! There is something really nice about waving at strangers who wave back at you, as if you've known then for ages. Motorhome drivers who wave at motorhome drivers. You have joined an elite bunch of people who all experience the freedom and comfort of motorhoming and put aside the fact that they don't know you and say hello anyway.
Welcome to motorhoming!